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The domestic coal industry has been leading the way in the reforestation of the Korean landscape that was left bare after the Korean War. In the last 70 years the industry has produced and supplied coal totaling over 600 million metric tons for power plants, industrial usage and the domestic energy source for 80% of citizens in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

However, recently the coal industry has faced tougher times due to the effects of economic growth, an expanded supply of green energy, and rationalization of industry. Yet due to the changing global energy market, the importance of coal stands out so that the domestic coal industry has entered a new era.

Our Association will push the development of overseas resources with the government based on the accumulated technology to ensure a stable supply of energy. In addition, we will make our best effort to supply a new concept of eco-friendly coal and combustion equipment such as coal gas, low carbon fuel etc.

I hope for us to be seen with encouragement and interest.
Thank you.