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Jun. 2002. Combined with Korean Coal Mine Union
Dec. 1984. Moved the office to Coal Building, #80-6 Susong-dong Jongro-gu Seoul, Korea
Jun. 1982. Moved the office to Taehwa Building #194-27 Insa-dong Jongro-gu Seoul, Korea
Sep. 1980. Combined with Korea Coal Industry Association and changed name to 「Korean Coal Association」
Feb. 1980. Moved office to #80-6 Susong-dong Jongro-gu Seoul Korea (formerly Sukmyung Girls’ High School)
Dec. 1976. Moved office to Kumpung Building, #48-27 Jungdong-2ga Jung-gu Seoul, Korea
May 1973. Moved office to Saehan Building, #27-1 Supyo-dong Jung-gu Seoul, Korea
Sep. 1960. Moved office to Jangsaeng Building, #22-5 Janggyo-dong Jung-gu Seoul, Korea
Mar. 1953. Opened the office in Jangan Building in Seoul by holding rebuilding conference after recovering Seoul during the Korean War
Aug. 1949. Ko, In-Moon, the CEO of Yesan Coal Mine, takes office as the 1st Chairman
06. July, 1949. Approval for establishment from Ministry of Commerce, Employment & Trade as 「Korean Coal Mine Association」